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Find the connection before you find the right words.

At Shhh we find you can make more of a connection with others without words (to begin with). That's why we've created a unique dating formaT with…

Flirting games, eye gazing & no talking.

At our events you can expect a warm up to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy, followed by silent flirting games and eye gazing. Our excellent hosts will make you feel at home. 

 Come see what all the noise is about.

Shhh Dating - every 2nd Tuesday


20s & 30s group in Covent Garden

Every 2nd Tueday

Shhh Silent Speed Dating

Ages 20s & 30s

Shhh Party - every last Thursday


At our gorgeous venue in the heart of Covent Garden

Every last Thursday

Shhh (almost) Silent Dating Party

Ages 20s & 30s


March Special Age 32 - 44

March Special

Shhh Silent Speed Dating

Ages 32-44

For tickets TO all OUR Shhh Dating events TAKE A LOOK AT our Eventbrite PAGE.

We have DESIGNED OUR EVENTS for Londoners in their 20s, 30s and 40s at House of Togetherness in Covent Garden. Come join us as we host a totally new way of meeting people.

Let’s get social baybee!

Our sister company Togetherness holds social events where you can meet new people and explore new ways of connecting to yourself and others. Togetherness is a global movement that helps people to build deeper connections with themselves, their passions and everyone in their life, through live experiences and our international community.